Instrument invented by Da Vinci ?

A single or novel device, methodology, compound or process is an invention. The process is an overall process of engineering and product development. It could be a machine or product improvement or a new procedure to build an object or a result. An invention which performs or results in a fully unique function could be a dramatic breakthrough. These efforts are new and not apparent to other experts in the same field. A success or failure could be a great step for an inventor. 

An inventor is an innovation creator or discoverer. The Latin verb invenire, invent, to find the term inventor. While inventing is strongly linked to science and engineering, inventors are neither engineers nor scientists. There can be patented certain inventions. The patent system was created to encourage inventors by giving the invention sufficiently new, unobvious and valuable limited time, limited monopolies.

A patent legally protects the rights of the creator to intellectual property and legally recognises that an invention claimed is in fact an innovation. The standards and criteria for patenting an invention differ from country to country, and the process for acquiring a patent is sometimes costly.

Amazing facts about inventions

  • The scissors were invented by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The inventions he designed Leonardo da Vinci never built.
  • Norwegian Johann Vaaler invented the paper clip.
  • In 1922, Boxing Champion Jack Johnson invented the household wrench.
  • French shepherds have constructed Stilts which needed a method of moist ponds.
  • The Purdue graduate, Games Slayter, created fibreglass
  • .
  • In Japan, Veneto blinds have been invented.
  • The “revolving pistol” is invented by Sam Colt. Therefore, the guns are named pistols accurately.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s son invented Lincoln Logs.
  • The mother of Mike Nesmith of the Monkees invented White Out.
  • After a researcher went through a radar tunnel and the chocolate bar in his pocket melted, the microwave was invented.
  • Patented in 1843 was the first fax process.
  • In Oregon, the Phillips-head was invented.
  • Hero of Alexandria in the first century invented the first selling machine. The penny would pull the cork from a faucet and dispense a trickle with holy water when dropped in a slot.
  • Prior to the match, the cigarette lighter was invented.
  • A dentist invented the electric chair.
  • 48 years after cans were introduced, the can opener was invented.
  • Including the light bulb, the electric road and the movie camera, Thomas Edison submitted 1,093 patents. He was granted 34 telephone patents when he died in 1931, 141 battery patents, 150 telegraph patents and 389 electricity and light patents.
  • A patent on a process of producing concrete furniture was granted to Thomas Edison.
  • A cigar patent that had to burn forever was granted to Thomas Edison.
  • Before the arrival of the motor automobile, traffic lights were employed.
  • The Chinese kept the secret of producing silk wonderfully for hundreds of years. For those who exposed it, Imperial Law decreed the death.
  • The Egyptians invented cement for the first time. In invented in 1498 the toothbrush.
  • Peter Henlein of Nuremberg created the watch in 1510.
  • The incredible reality is that the clocks that were created before 1660.
  • The first alarm clock was surprisingly able to sound only at 4 a.m.

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