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History of Football

Football history is a complex one, but how does one of the most popular and sponsored sports in the world truly evolved ? We have listed some of the most important facts on football history so that you can comprehend how the sport has evolved from the day. Football’s origins are divided
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Cricket & its past

There is a consensus that cricket was originated by youngsters in the Weald, a region of thick forests and clearing in south-eastern England during Saxony or Norman times. The first mention to cricket in 1611, and a dictionary described cricket as a boy’s game the same year. There is also the idea that cricket may […]
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History of Olympics

In tribute to Zeus, father of the Greek divinities, the ancient Olympics was largely part of a religious event. In Olympia , the festival and games took place in the Western Peloponnese, a rural refuge . In Olympia, the Greeks who gathered to Zeus’ sanctuary shared the same faith and spoken the same language. The athletes […]