What is the real speed of earth ?

The Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing. This deceleration is happening

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History of Perfume

Perfume or fragrance is a strong tool for expressing our individuality, building our image, and engaging with people. Perfumes accompany us into everyday

Biology & Life Sciences

Honey Bees have 5 eyes !!! True?

Bees are insects with wings that are related to wasps and ants. They are noted for their pollination and, in the case of the most well-known bee species,

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Fireworks that continued for 22 hours!

Fireworks are a low explosive type of pyrotechnical device for the aim of aesthetics and enjoyment. The most common usage of fireworks is a display of the

Art & Culture History

How did Diary writing become popular?

Diary, which meaning dies for ‘day’ from Latin, is daily life records and dating opinions. The art of writing grew popular in the 18th century,

Art & Culture

World’s expensive pen?

A pen is a typical writing instrument that can be used to write or draw ink on a surface, generally paper. Early styles like reed pens, Quill types, dip

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