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Biology & Life Sciences

Honey Bees have 5 eyes !!! True?

Bees are insects with wings that are related to wasps and ants. They are noted for their pollination and, in the case of the most well-known bee species, for honey production. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the Apoidea superfamily. They are now classified as a clade known as Anthophila. There are about 16,000 species of […]
Science Technology

First wrist watch & amazing facts

Watch or chronograph as we know it wasn’t really that long. Clocks and sundials had been there before the Rolex clocks. Humanity has been holding time for thousands of years, but the concept of a pocket clock is somewhat new. European clockmakers started constructing personal portable clocks like German in the late 15th and early 16th […]
Art & Culture History

History of Perfume

Perfume or fragrance is a strong tool for expressing our individuality, building our image, and engaging with people. Perfumes accompany us into everyday life, raise memories and feelings, and tell us much about ourselves. The perfume history is certainly not new. Overall, the sources of perfume are the ancient Egyptians. They used aromas to worship […]
Art & Culture History

How did Diary writing become popular?

Diary, which meaning dies for ‘day’ from Latin, is daily life records and dating opinions. The art of writing grew popular in the 18th century, and during the Victorian era, the peak reached its zenith. Although diaries were designed to record the diarist’s private thoughts, now they give us vital insights into historical events and […]
Art & Culture

World’s expensive pen?

A pen is a typical writing instrument that can be used to write or draw ink on a surface, generally paper. Early styles like reed pens, Quill types, dip types, or rule styles included little quantities of ink on a nib or a small void or cavity to be regularly loaded with an inkwell on […]
Architecture Design

The tallest dam in the world

A dam is a barrier that prevents or restrains surface water and subterranean water flows. Dam-generated reservoirs not only minimize flooding but provide for water supply activity, including irrigation, human consumption, industrial utilization, aquaculture, and navigability. Hydropower often is used to generate electricity in combination with dams. A dam can also be
Art & Culture

Fireworks that continued for 22 hours!

Fireworks are a low explosive type of pyrotechnical device for the aim of aesthetics and enjoyment. The most common usage of fireworks is a display of the effects generated by explosions as part of fireworks displayed (also known as fireworks shows or pyrotechnics).  In different forms, fireworks provide the four main effects: noise, light, smoke, and […]

Mind-Blowing Facts about Outer Space

From an Earthling’s point of view, outermost space is an area around 100 kilometres above the globe that cannot breathe or disperse light. The blue becomes black in this area because the molecules of oxygen here are insufficient to blue the sky.  In addition, space is a vacuum, so sound can’t even be carried because […]