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History of Perfume

Perfume or fragrance is a strong tool for expressing our individuality, building our image, and engaging with people. Perfumes accompany us into everyday life, raise memories and feelings, and tell us much about ourselves. The perfume history is certainly not new. Overall, the sources of
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How did Diary writing become popular?

Diary, which meaning dies for ‘day’ from Latin, is daily life records and dating opinions. The art of writing grew popular in the 18th century, and during the Victorian era, the peak reached its zenith. Although diaries were designed to record the diarist’s private thoughts, now they give us vital insights into historical events and […]
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World’s expensive pen?

A pen is a typical writing instrument that can be used to write or draw ink on a surface, generally paper. Early styles like reed pens, Quill types, dip types, or rule styles included little quantities of ink on a nib or a small void or cavity to be regularly loaded with an inkwell on […]
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Fireworks that continued for 22 hours!

Fireworks are a low explosive type of pyrotechnical device for the aim of aesthetics and enjoyment. The most common usage of fireworks is a display of the effects generated by explosions as part of fireworks displayed (also known as fireworks shows or pyrotechnics).  In different forms, fireworks provide the four main effects: noise, light, smoke, and […]
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History of Football

Football history is a complex one, but how does one of the most popular and sponsored sports in the world truly evolved ? We have listed some of the most important facts on football history so that you can comprehend how the sport has evolved from the day. Football’s origins are divided into two categories: modern and […]
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Cricket & its past

There is a consensus that cricket was originated by youngsters in the Weald, a region of thick forests and clearing in south-eastern England during Saxony or Norman times. The first mention to cricket in 1611, and a dictionary described cricket as a boy’s game the same year. There is also the idea that cricket may […]
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History of Olympics

In tribute to Zeus, father of the Greek divinities, the ancient Olympics was largely part of a religious event. In Olympia , the festival and games took place in the Western Peloponnese, a rural refuge . In Olympia, the Greeks who gathered to Zeus’ sanctuary shared the same faith and spoken the same language. The athletes […]
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Top traveling spot in the world

Travel is people’s movement between remote locations. It can be done with or without the baggage, by foot, bicycle, motor, train, boat, bus, aircraft, ship, etc, and it can be one route. Travel also may include relatively short stays, as in the case of tourism, between successive movements. History is probably the source of the word […]
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Which is the oldest flag in the world?

A flag is a rectangular or quadrilateral piece of fabric with a unique pattern and colors. It can be used as a symbol, a signaling device, or as a decorative item. Flags have evolved into a generic tool for rudimentary signaling and identification, especially in circumstances where communication is difficult (such as the maritime environment, […]