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Instrument invented by Da Vinci ?

A single or novel device, methodology, compound or process is an invention. The process is an overall process of engineering and product development. It could be a machine or product improvement or a new procedure to build an object or a result. An invention which performs or results in a fully unique function could be […]
Computer Science

First Storage Device?

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a Digital Audio Tape (DAT)-based computer data storage technique created in the 1980s. DDS should be used largely as offline storage, in particular for the production of backup copies of working data. With the exception of recent formats DAT-160 and DAT-320, each DDS cartridge utilises a tape width of 3,81mm, both […]

World’s first telephone & amazing facts

A telephone is a telecommunications system that enables two or more users when they are too far away to be heard directly to hold a conversation. A telephone transforms sound, the human voice usually and most effectively, into electronic signals that are transmitted to another telephone through cables and other communication channels, which reproduces the […]

What is the Storage Capacity of Human Brain ?

Human brain may be an even more powerful computer than before thought. Reseachers and medical experts says that Microscopic branches of brain cells that were once thought to basically serve as mere wiring may actually behave as mini computers. Human Brain is the most powerful computer known. It possesses about 100 billion neurons with roughly […]