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World’s largest fruit, weighing 42 kg !!

We all love fruits right ? But how many of us know the amazing facts behind it. Lets see some of them. A fruit is a seed-bearing structure developed from the ovary after flowering in flowering plants, according to botany. Fruits are how flowering plants (also known as angiosperms) disperse their seeds.

Edible fruits, in example, have long been propagated by people and animals in a symbiotic connection that serves as a means of seed distribution for one group and nutrition for the other; Indeed, humans and many animals have become reliant on fruits as a source of nutrition.As a result, fruits account for a significant portion of global agricultural output, and some (such as the apple and pomegranate) have developed broad cultural and symbolic connotations.

In popular usage, “fruit” refers to the fleshy seed-associated structures (or produce) of plants that are typically sweet or sour and eaten raw, such as apples, bananas, grapes, lemons, oranges, and strawberries. Many structures that are not generally named “fruits” in botanical language, such as nuts, bean pods, maize kernels, tomatoes, and wheat grains, are included in the term “fruit.”

Amazing facts about fruits

  • A single pomegranate can hold over 1,000 seeds.
  • POMOLOGY is the study of fruits.
  • Japanese Yubari cantaloupes are the most expensive fruit in the world, with two melons once fetching $23,500 at auction.
  • A banana is a herb, not a fruit! These are the first fruits given to babies since they are easy to digest and highly nutritious.
  • The majority of commercial fruits are clones.
  • The COCO DE MER palm tree produces the world’s largest fruit, weighing 42 kg, as well as seeds totaling 17 kg.
  • Strawberries are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside of the berry. A typical strawberry contains 200 seeds.
  • Red fruits help to keep your heart healthy.
  • Orange-colored fruits are good for your eyes.
  • Yellow-colored fruits help you from getting sick.
  • Green fruits aid to strengthen your bones and teeth.
  • Purple and blue fruits aid with memory enhancement.
  • Apples float in water because they contain 25% air.
  • Pineapples are essentially berries, and they can ripen faster if they are placed upside down (leafy side down).
  • Horticulturists believe that the banana was the first fruit on the planet.
  • Dried fruits provide more calories than fresh fruits since the drying process reduces the water content and volume.
  • Tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable. They are the most popular fruit in the world and have more genes than humans.
  • Drinking grapefruit juice with taking certain prescription medications can result in an overdose and death.

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