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Chicken or egg which is first ?

Chickens are from eggs, and eggs originate from chickens: it’s at the foundation of this old dilemma. Eggs – which are only female sex cells – nevertheless, have developed more than one billion years ago, compared with chickens only for 10,000. The riddle is therefore simply solved…There is no doubt that the egg arrived before the chicken when it was taken at face value. We usually believe eggs are the shelled orbs of birds whose chicks are fed — if we do not consume them first. However, anybody that regenerates sexually produces eggs (the specialised female sex cells). That means 99,99% of all eukaryotic life — creatures that contain nucleus cells and all animals and plants with the simplest forms of life.  

We don’t know when sex evolved, although it could have been as many as two billion years ago and more than one billion surely. More than 300 million years ago, even the specialised type of egg laid by birds with the hard exterior membrane. They came about much later as with chickens. They are tamed creatures, which have evolved as a result of people deliberately choosing and allowing wild birds that are least hostile. This appears to have been done independently in various areas from about 10,000 years ago.

A Tropical Bird that still lives in southeast Asia’s forests called a Red Junglefowl is generally the Wild Ancestor of the Chickens, with other Junglefowl species perhaps adding to the genetic mix. From these origins, over the past two millennia or more, humans have carried chickens worldwide.

Therefore, eggs predated birds considerably. But we should also consider if a chicken egg is predated by a chicken, so that the riddle’s spirit is fair. The genetic composition of the resulting birds will have shifted as human beings continuously select and raise the dumbest red jungle fowl. During the period of domesticating, a new sub-species, Gallus gallus domesticus (AKA chicken), was developed in red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus).

In practise, the time when this happened is impossible to identify. In theory, though, two birds bred and their descendants had at some point been genetically distinct than the species of their parents to be recognised as chicken. This chicken would have grown into a bird’s egg and only produced the first chicken’s egg when it matured. The chicken came first, looking at this viewpoint.

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