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Top traveling spot in the world

Travel is people’s movement between remote locations. It can be done with or without the baggage, by foot, bicycle, motor, train, boat, bus, aircraft, ship, etc, and it can be one route. Travel also may include relatively short stays, as in the case of tourism, between successive
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Which is the oldest flag in the world?

A flag is a rectangular or quadrilateral piece of fabric with a unique pattern and colors. It can be used as a symbol, a signaling device, or as a decorative item. Flags have evolved into a generic tool for rudimentary signaling and identification, especially in circumstances where communication is difficult (such as the maritime environment, […]

9 Planets & Mindblowing facts

Planets are always mind-blowing thing to us right. We know some facts about these planets. But the main factor you want to remember is there are so many amazing facts behind this magic of the universe. Let’s check them. A planet is an astronomic body that surrounds a star or stellar artefact, is massive enough […]
Computer Science

First Storage Device?

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a Digital Audio Tape (DAT)-based computer data storage technique created in the 1980s. DDS should be used largely as offline storage, in particular for the production of backup copies of working data.¬†With the exception of recent formats DAT-160 and DAT-320, each DDS cartridge utilises a tape width of 3,81mm, both […]
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Atlas & some facts

An atlas is a collection of maps; normally it is a bundle of Earth’s maps or a land region. Atlases have traditionally been booked, but many atlases are today in the form of multimedia. In addition to geographical features and political boundaries, geopolitical, sociological, religious and economic information are often used in many atlases. They are […]
Design History

Clothing and some amazing facts

Clothing (also known as clothes, apparel, and garb) are articles of clothing that are worn on the body. Clothing is primarily made of fabrics or textiles, but it has also included garments made from animal skin or other thin sheets of materials stitched together over time. Clothing is mostly exclusive to humans and is an […]