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Biology & Life Sciences

Secret Behind Chameleons Color Change ?

For their fast colour-changing capabilities Chameleons  are famous. It is a frequent misunderstanding that they hide from the background. In fact, chameleons mostly change colour in order to manage temperatures or to signals to other chamaleons. Since chamaleons cannot produce their own body heat, changing the skin colour is a means to keep the body temperature at an […]
Art & Culture

History of Football

Football history is a complex one, but how does one of the most popular and sponsored sports in the world truly evolved ? We have listed some of the most important facts on football history so that you can comprehend how the sport has evolved from the day. Football’s origins are divided into two categories: modern and […]
Biology & Life Sciences

Chicken or egg which is first ?

Chickens are from eggs, and eggs originate from chickens: it’s at the foundation of this old dilemma. Eggs – which are only female sex cells – nevertheless, have developed more than one billion years ago, compared with chickens only for 10,000. The riddle is therefore simply solved…There is no doubt that the egg arrived before the […]

Mathematics and some amazing facts

Mathematics covers the study of subjects such as quantity (number theory), structure (algebra), space (geometry), and changes (GR), and theoretical data on the structural component of each subject (analysis). There is no definition that is commonly accepted. Mathematicians aim to develop new assumptions and apply patterns; by mathematical proof they solve their truth

Instrument invented by Da Vinci ?

A single or novel device, methodology, compound or process is an invention. The process is an overall process of engineering and product development. It could be a machine or product improvement or a new procedure to build an object or a result. An invention which performs or results in a fully unique function could be […]
Art & Culture

Cricket & its past

There is a consensus that cricket was originated by youngsters in the Weald, a region of thick forests and clearing in south-eastern England during Saxony or Norman times. The first mention to cricket in 1611, and a dictionary described cricket as a boy’s game the same year. There is also the idea that cricket may […]
Art & Culture History

History of Olympics

In tribute to Zeus, father of the Greek divinities, the ancient Olympics was largely part of a religious event. In Olympia , the festival and games took place in the Western Peloponnese, a rural refuge . In Olympia, the Greeks who gathered to Zeus’ sanctuary shared the same faith and spoken the same language. The athletes […]

First camera and some secrets

In 1685, the first camera was invented by Johann Zahn. But in 1814 Joseph Nicephore Niepce clicked on the first photo. It was thousands of years ago, in his book Book of Optics in 1021, that the Iraqi scientist Ibn al-Haytham mentioned this type of gadget. The previous cameras could not save the pictures and […]